A L B E R T   F I S K

Traditional artist based in Stockholm/Sweden with a passion for dark art and Earl Grey tea.
Some of my work


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Instagram is the best place to keep up with my art, I post progress shots, finished pieces and new art supplies. Follow me on Twitter to get the latest updates on my stream and if anything goes wrong during a live event.


twitch-filledI’m a creative streamer on Twitch where I stream a few times a week. It’s a great platform to connect with me live. You get to see my art being made from scratch, ask questions, find inspiration or just hang out with the amazing community and have a good time.

Just click the logo, hit the follow button and you’ll get a notification when I go live.


society6-iconimg_61964You can find original artwork, stickers and prints in my Etsy shop.

I also sell T-shirts, mugs, totebags and much more in my Society6 shop.

The Studio

I live in a small apartment but it’s just big enough for me to divide it in the middle and have my art and stream studio at home. I’m constantly trying to upgrade and tweak everything to fit my needs. I build the desktop drafting table myself with scraps from my old easel and the back from an old cupboard. Clean out a baked bean can and you have the perfekt place to store your supplies. The lid of Creme fraiche containers work really well as a paint mixing palett. I like to use everyday objects to keep down the cost of buying some of the supplies.


For a list of my art supplies klick here.

About / Contact

Hi I’m Albert Fisk.

I’m 34 years old young, self taught artist who has a taste for the dark and surreal art. My favorite artists and biggest inspirations has always been H.R Giger and Salvador Dali but I’ve added Zdzislaw Beksinski, Allen Williams and Chet Zar to the list the past few years. I like to work with different mediums such as ballpoint pens, markers, acrylic paint, watercolor, colored pencils and my latest passion has been graphite. I sometimes do a bit of digital art but mostly image and video editing. I’m very easy going and like to be in a relaxed environment. If you want to know more about me come on over to my  Twitch channel and hang out, I’m more then happy to answer your questions.

You can also reach me via e-mail if you have any business inquiries, I’ll get back to you asap. Thanks for stopping by I hope you’ll have a wonderful day!