The Floppy Disk Monster Archives

Hand painted floppy disks by Albert Fisk

Floppy Disk Monster nr. 6

– 1000 SEK (106$) –
Available here

This little monster loves Synthwave music, so much that it’ll eat all other
music it hears. Yes it can literally eat up the soundwaves killing the
music being played. It’s other hobby is to find, takeover and kill
inhabited planets around the universe. So far it left Earth alone
so please take good care of Klorvox, you don’t wanna make it dislike humans.

Floppy Disk Monster nr. 5


This little monster will happily eat all the yucky and disgusting things
it can find, garbage, roadkills, dirt, slime, children and so on. The best
thing about Yuckymoto is that if you give him nasty food he will give
your favorite food back in return. Whatever you do don’t upset
him, he will puke all over you and your food…forever making you eat
puke food.

Floppy Disk Monster nr. 4


Lumper is a really happy monster that loves to lick on stuff, so
keep all your stamps in a safe place. A good thing to know about
this green little monster is that if you get any kind of lumps
on your own body, Lumper will magically move it over to itself and
grow a tiny bit more. Be careful with giving it to many new lumps,
it might grow so big it takes over the world.

Gory Rory 3.5
Floppy Disk Monster nr. 3

– SOLD –

Rory doesn’t say much but he might make some blood stains on your
furniture as a way of communicating. You just have to figure out what the
stains mean. Rory likes to attach himself to other creatures and feed
on their life energy, I suggest keeping your pets away and feed him with rats.

Floppy Disk Monster nr. 2


Eyegore enjoys staring into the void for hours and hours.
He also loves a good staring contest, don’t let him loose though…
he’ll make you go blind with his secret power.

Floppy Disk Monster nr. 1

– SOLD –

Eddie likes to scream into the night and eat dried flies for snacks.
Be sure to brush his tooth twice a day, it’s the last one he got.